About Us

3CofLifeJeff and I have been married for 12 years.  We’ve lived in 6 states of which 5 were selected based on our careers. We’ve made it through job changes and perfected the art of moving. With good therapists and loving friends, we’ve avoided divorce (came close…another story). And, we’ve been through life-changing injuries and live with a life-threatening illness – both of which leave a permanent mark on daily life.

We love the outdoors, traveling together and creating our own adventures. We love TV marathons of CSI and POI. And we love spending time with our dogs, Cash, and Ali, pretending they understand our every word. We are grateful for the life we have fought to create.

Our Move to Seattle – this time, it’s different

In 2013, we moved to the Seattle area. This move felt exciting as it was for US. The Emerald City on a sunny day when Mount Rainer smiles and the sun sparkles across Puget Sound is magical.

The Work “Stuff”: Jeff

Jeff spent his career leading tech and ops teams. Before that, he was a US Marine. A few years ago, he became a consultant helping executives strengthen their leadership skills, teams, and business strategies.

The Work “Stuff”: Jen

I’ve spent my career leading marketing teams. In 2013, I shifted to digital marketing consulting. In 2015, I started a master’s degree in Organizational Behavior with a specialized certification in Executive Coaching. I coach individuals who want to grow beyond a rockstar performer to a successful new manager. I stand beside them as they embrace their “rookie status”, identify their unique leadership style, increase their confidence and create a plan to lead their teams. I also coach leaders through a career transition, work/life balance issues, leadership presence, and effectiveness.

Through my volunteer work with nonprofit, Project Pink’d, I bring coaching to cancer survivors. I’m honored to create interactive programs and meaningful experiences that enable survivors to thrive.

The Cancer Story: 2 types within 10 years

Jeff was diagnosed with stage 3 head and neck cancer in 2006. He had surgery and radiation and is 10 years in remission. In 2014, a few months after our move to Seattle, he was diagnosed with stage 3 prostate cancer. He had radiation, hormone therapy, immunotherapy and joined a clinical trial. In 2015, he was re-staged with metastatic disease. #Lifer. He’s endured chemotherapy, hormone therapy, and more radiation. We’ve been through DNA sequencing studies to identify the mutation in his biology yet nothing substantial is popping up to shed light around the aggressiveness of cancer.

We debate, explore and continue to research treatment options and we sought second opinions from the #1, 3 and 5 top cancer centers in the U.S. He’s too young to have this variant of prostate cancer, let alone 2 different types of cancer within 10 years.

Jeff’s fight song – Beating the Odds by Molly Hatchet.