The Roles We Play.

Tonight is the night before our 13th wedding anniversary. 15 years together as the ‘home team’. Just days ago was Jeff’s birthday, another first I’ve experienced since he’s been gone. I am no longer a wife and partner. No longer am I a cancer caregiver. As I reflect on our marriage and the cancer experience…

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Real Life Cancer Caregiving - Bend or Break?

Bend or Break

Last two weeks have been tough. We didn’t get good news from the latest scan results. Add to that, an unanticipated surgery to resolve new vascular issues and painful lymphedema in the leg  – a gift from radiation we cannot return. Whether it’s side effects from treatment, abnormal blood work – whatever – there’s always something […]

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The Y in the Road

Today is my parents 48th wedding anniversary. What a remarkable day to celebrate this special, and (frankly) uncommon milestone. Only they know all of the memories they’ve created over the last 48 years together. In sickness and in health, good times and bad, annoying habits and all. I am filled with love, admiration and respect […]

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