10 Must-Haves To Survive Cancer Treatment

When the nurse puts on a hazmat suit to administer chemotherapy – you know it’s toxic. Ask anyone who has gone through chemotherapy and they’ll tell you they wouldn’t wish it on their worst enemy.

Whether a friend, co-worker or loved one’s treatment plan includes surgery, radiation, chemotherapy, hormone treatment, etc., there are several must-haves that make treatment a bit more manageable. Placed in a box, bag or basket sends a caring message and creates a smile – both of which are much appreciated by the one who endures the treatment AND their loved ones.

Chemo Survival Kit: 10 Must-Haves

Chemotherapy Survival Kit
A “survival kit” lets them know they are in your thoughts and are loved.
  1. Everything Biotene for the mouth
  2. Hard candy to help produce saliva (this helps to soothe mouth sores)
  3. Sleep caps – the body temperature of someone going through treatment changes drastically and they tend to feel cold.
  4. Knit caps for outdoors
  5. Emu oil or lotion for body – keeping skin moist prevents cracking, which prevents bacteria infections. Remember, immune systems are compromised!
  6. Lip balm
  7. A gentle shampoo to protect the scalp when hair falls out.
  8. Multiple water bottles – lifesavers as getting enough fluid is key.
  9. Magazines and/or books
  10. iTunes gift card – because music feeds the soul.

Co-Survivor Kit Ideas:

  1. Chocolate – just because
  2. Magazines and/or books for distraction and to combat the constant waiting….in….the…doctor office.
  3. Adult coloring books and markers – coloring a scene from Harry Potter is an escape even if it’s 5-10 minutes 😉
  4. Water bottle / Hot beverage mug – tea, coffee, water. You’re on the run…a lot.
  5. iTunes gift card (same reason as above)
  6. Journal (capturing random thoughts, questions for the doctor, create a “bucket list” together of things you’d like to do together, movies to see, etc.) A friend shared she journaled during treatment to relax her mind.

What items might you add? 


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