Kick Worry To The Curb

Get yourself a “worry monster”. My friend Julie is a talented knitter and she created a worry monster, Willard, when she saw her hubby getting nervous about an upcoming surgery. You write down your worry on a small sheet of paper and feed the monster.  Willard loves eating worries. Other fun ideas to tame the worry monster.

Exercise. I bought this card the other day for my dear friend who is working on her yoga instructor certification. It said, “It’s amazing how much right side up can come from upside down.” When our perspective changes, we have a closer view of the miracles. Nothing like downward dog, warrior series or hike in the woods to help clear the mind and change perspective.

Humor.  Both Jeff and I love watching an episode of Jimmy Fallon and his epic lip-synch battles and silly games.  I also enjoy carpool karaoke with James Corden – the latest with Chewbacca Mom kept me laughing.

4-Count Breathing. Great tool to create calm in the moment and reset the overstimulated fight/flight system. Truth be told, when I broke my wrist a few months back and was waiting in the ER, this breathing exercise brought me into a state of calm while I waited for x-ray results, splinting and pain meds.  I lean on this tool quite frequently –

  • Do each of the following to the count of 4:
    • Inhale
    • Hold breath
    • Exhale
    • Rest (no thinking, breathing, moving, etc.)
  • Use this tool 2-3x/day at first for 3-15 minutes at a time. It can also be used in stressful situations to help with calming.
  • Breaths should be slow and gentle with full inhalations and exhalations.
  • The 4-count can be sped up or slowed down for comfort.
  • Ideally, eyes are closed; however, if too uncomfortable, eyes can rest on a single spot.
My friend Julie knit Worry Monster, Willard
My friend Julie knit Worry Monster, Willard