Tools To Get Through Treatment

Managing Meds. Download or create an excel matrix to create a medicine schedule. Planning out how to take 35 pills a day is a PITA (pain in the ass). And, every time you go to the doctor, they start the conversation by reviewing current meds. What a timesaver when you can hand them a sheet of paper.

Healthy Cooking. The Cancer Fighting Kitchen cookbook by Rebecca Katz. These recipes helped us get through each week.  The treatment recipes combat side effects  and are tasty, filled with nutrition boosters and easy to make. Our favorites – the healing tea and broth recipes. Isa Does It by Isa Moskowitz – flavorful and satisfying vegan meals that can be made in 30 minutes or less.

Notes of Celebration. Send little notes and cards for each day of chemo – or at the end of each week of radiation.  A dear friend did this for Jeff during radiation.  It was a thoughtful gift every Friday to open a new inspirational note – and remind him that someone cared.

Send a Jar of Hope. For $10-$15 you can send a Jar of Hope which includes 31 days of notes that are guaranteed to provide inspiration, hope, and humor.  Volunteers hand-create the messages and decorate the beautiful glass jar – it’s a different kind of prescription – one that is far more enjoyable taking daily.

Don’t Forget Our Pets. If there are animals in the house, don’t forget to include something for them!  Perhaps a new squeaker toy, tug toy, a bag of treats – something that can bring a few minutes of smiles (and occupy some time), making everyone in the house feel special. For something unique – check out Toys4Tails 🙂