Respite Reflections

Reflections on Respite

A cancer diagnosis creates emotional and psychological turmoil for the entire family. Life is drastically altered – it becomes immersed in all-that-is-cancer. Having the right type of respite care is a life jacket that provides temporary support. Whether in-home, outside, informal or formal, respite care is the “extra lift” that keeps your head above water. […]

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The Third Wheel

We didn’t invite it – it just showed up. It’s inserted itself into every aspect of our life. It’s dominating our thoughts, feelings, family life, hobbies, emotions, and beliefs. We really didn’t want it and now that it’s here, we want to get rid of it.

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Sitting Courtside

“You have a high level of Contentment – usually good natured and happy, grateful, optimistic and satisfied despite circumstances.” That’s what the personality assessment said as we reviewed the results in class this week. After class, we were asked to dissect the results with fellow students. Jen, how do you have a high level of […]

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